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Past Puppies

Duke Butler 

  The Beautiful "Bear" at the beach, Owner: Cherie Christensen  


One of my favorite Babies

Delaney Livengood 

Brooke and ManDrake Earl Aldred!

What a great Picture!!!!!

Delany Rose
Dale and Denise
North Carolina
The sweetest....most loving lil' girl I've ever Loved, Denise
My Name is "Vinny Bowen"  My Mom is "Juanita Bowen" Thank you Juanita for sharing!


Susan Cross writes: DASH Our "BIG BABY". He is probably the best dog we have ever had.  His personality and disposition are wonderful.  He is well over 130 pounds now.  You are more than welcome to use us as a reference--you were and have been wonderful to me and our family.  It's nice that we stay in touch with each other.  Susan Cross, Bristow, VA

The Griffin Family writes:  Basil is almost a year now!  We love her!  She is perfect for us.  We have 80 acres of woods behind our house and last week there were about 20 deer outside.  Well the boys accidently let her out and she was off.  We trained her to come home if she hears the dinner bell.  So I rang it thinking I would never see her again.  After 15 minutes I gave up hope and came in.  As soon as my feet touched the porch she was back.  I'm amazed.  She followed the bell home.  The Pyrenees breed is awesome.  We'll be getting another soon.  Thanks Again to the Ziglar's.  The Griffin's Tidewater Area,  Virginia

Dave and Kelly Fonteyne write:  Moglee  You could not have raised better dogs, as it shows with Moglee through and through.  He has a wonderful personality,  he is very gentle (gentle gaint surely fits him), he is extremely healthy-no health issues at all, he gets along with otherr animals (our dog Balu), he is very energetic - luvs to play ( does not want to come in from the snow).  Dave & Kelly Fonteyne, Concord, New Hampshire

Laura Steere writes:  Zenna the wonder dog  You may give my name, phone & email to anyone that would like to know more about your Great Pyrs!!  Zenna is doing great!  She gets along with all of the animals on our farm.  Zenna is house trained, crate trained, and sits and comes on command, walks on a leash and travels well in the car.  She is well on the way to being the perfect companion animal.  She is very smart, easy to train and very cheerful.  She is a source of entertainment to us daily.  We laughed when she wanted to come into the shower, so I opened the door and in she walked!!  So she got an unexpected bath.  She loves to go down to the pond and splash around.  She is in the "oral " stage of puppyhood now, so all socks and shoes are targets.  Recently, we had a forester come out to look at our woods, he ws so mpressed by Zenna that he had us write your name and number down.  I am sure that you will be getting a call from him!  Zenna's instinct around the livestock is very interesting.  She never chases or tries to romp the the alpacas and llamas.  Most of the time she comes in and walks around, sniffs at them a bit, then lays down and watches them.  Anyways, as you can tell, we adore Zenna and she is blossoming into a fantastic dog.  We are so grateful that we found you and Otis.  Rick and Laura Steere,  Infinitiy Alpacas, Llamas, & Percherons., Ridgeway, VA

 Effie Sarantis writes:  Rocky is doing great!!  He is a whopping 60 pounds and tons of fun.  The children just love him and he has been such a delightful addition to our family.  He is definitely a show stopper!  We took him to our son's soccer game on Saturday and everyone was coming up to him and petting him and asking what kind of dog he is!  Sammy and Maria were so proud to claim him as "their big puppy".    The Sarantis Family  Washington DC area

 Darren, Doreen, Jake & Josh Phillips writes:  We bought Boomer in August 2007 for our son Josh for his Birthday.  The two of them are inseparable and Boomer sleeps by his side no matter where they are in the house.  Boomer is a very loving and docile dog and ofthen surprises us with his talents; lately it is opening the screen door and the back door to the yard.  Our Veterinarian says he is a perfect dog and he can't believe how much we paid for him.  I think Boomer is a joy to have in this house!  We would recommend any dog lover to buy a puppy from you.  The Phillips Family, West Berlin, New Jersey

Laura Steere Writes: September 2008.  We had our vet xray Zenna's Hips, and check her heart.  He said she is in great shape.


I must apologize for writing so long after I had adopted a Great Pyrenees Puppy from your family.  I shouldn't have waited so long to write and tell you of the wonderful experience I have had raising one of your pups.  I hope you remember me (though I wouldnt be surprised if you had forgotten me since you receive requests for purchases for your animals many times over).  I was a woman who drove from Maryland with my little 6 month old son in February 2008 and got into the pen with Cindy's puppies and let one of them pick me (who by chance was Molly but she was lucky enough to have had another family choose her).  The next pup to choose me was an all white female (even though Cindy has all white litters) with a black collar.  

After she chose me, we all went home and got acquainted.  I have attached photos of when she was younger with my son in most of them.  She and he are the best of friends.  Although she is younger than him by a few months, she insists that she is the "big sister" and no matter where we go she is always close by his side.  She gets tons of praises for her temperament from strangers.  My best friend also has a son about my son's age and Kiowa (that's the name we chose for her) looks after him just as much as she looks after my own son!  She is as sweet as her momma, Cindy, and just as beautiful.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog for my family.  It's interesting enough to watch the two.  I don't walk her on the leash.  She minds very well and didn't have to take obedience class.  She was quick to learn her commands and easy to housebreak.  I love the fact that I can take her outside and she will come right away when I call for her.  

She is still a puppy and every now and then she acts out like one, but what would you expect from a "little kid"?  She goes on hikes with me and doesn't stray far.  I have found that she LOVES the water... the creek, the pond, the lake... whichever she chooses to fit her fancy.

My husband adores her and reminds me often of what a good pick she was.  I remind him that she picked me, and I didn't pick her.  She is so loyal...one of the family.  She gets along great with our cat, Dimitri.  They play around the house every now and then...chasing one another around...playing tag.

Kiowa's whole name is:  Kiowa Shimotsuki.  Her middle name is Japanese for "Frosty Moon" and Kiowa Is the name of an Native American Indian Tribe.  We took her to a Kid's Festival recently and an elderly woman who retired from judging dog contests approached us and inquired if we had entered Kiowa in any dog shows.  We told her no and she noted that Kiowa would have no problem winning because of her beauty and beautiful stature.  I don't doubt this woman one bit, but we didn't purchase Kiowa to show her.  We purchased her because we wanted her as part as the family...and she definitely is!

I want to tell you thank you in so many words, but I have a hard time finding the right words to express my gratitude.  Thank you so much for providing such a loving home to have your puppies and allowing us to adopt one.

God Bless,
The Kurtzweils

Hi Susan and Otis, it is good to hear from you. Ms Clara is doing wonderful, she is beautiful and a wonderful companion. Bob leaves for Iraq the 19th of next month and I am comforted to have her here with me. She went through a barking spell, but she has settled down some what and doesn't bark at everything now. She is an awesome watch dog and very protective of me.

All My Best!

Debbie Knuth

Sophie is doing wonderful, she is so smart! She has only had two accidents in the house and LOVES going outside to use the bathroom. Leaves are her new favorite toy!! She is so much fun to watch and so lovely! She is so perfect. I take her to the vet on Wednesday to get her shots and to talk to them about flea and tick medicine. The play pen has worked out WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for giving it to me!!! I have it set up in my room and she sleeps in there at night. The first night she didn't cry and didn't pee in there either. Last night I heard her a couple of times but I left her in there until about 5 this morning when I got up to let her outside. She is learning her spot to go "potty". She listens so well and obeys well too. This morning I heard her little bark, we were outside and she was playing with a pine cone and she got really excited. Too cute! I love it! 

Thank you again for giving her to me. She makes me so happy! She's perfect!

Take care.

Carla Livingood


Hey Susan,
    Our puppy is wonderful. We are very in love with him and he loves his new home. He was a little scared at first and cried some the first couple of nights he was alone but now he is not too scared anymore. We took him to the Vet and he is one healthy puppy; the Vet loved him and said he was a very good looking Yorkie. Thank you soo much.
 Kyle Austen
Dear Susan and Otis,
Just an update on Winston.  We absolutely love our newest addition and are extremely pleased with our selection in a breeder.  Your attention to every detail during the  "adoption" process was beyond anything we could imagine.  The weekly updates from birth to pickup were incredible.  If we ever need another we know who to call!  We have attached some pictures of Winston so you can see how much he has grown. 
Winston has adjusted very well to his new home.  He shares his home with another Great Pyrenees a year older than he is and a 12+ Year old Retriever, 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs (his favorites). Everyone gets along wonderfully.  Every day brings a new smile.  Thanks again.
Our very best,
The Finagin Family
Hi Susan, Lola is a joy. We went to the vet last saturday and she checked out fine. She had her shot and was wormed. She weighs 1.1 lbs. They told me whoever i got her from had done a good job with her. I can't thank you enough for my precious baby.   Angela Jones
Dear Susan and Otis,

It has been a couple of months that our angel, Gucci, has been in our family and Chris and I thought it would be a good time to let you know how he is doing. He is so playful, but such a mama's boy! He won't let me touch any other dogs! He is very healthy, gets along with people, and ball of joy! We've attached some pictures so you can see how he is growing, he is a handsome little boy!

Thank you for patiently waiting to hear from us!
- Annie and Christopher
Hi Susan and Otis!!!
Just wanted to email you and give you an update on our puppy.  The puppy now called Nero is doing very well. He's growing a lot! He's a whopping 3.5lbs right now and couldn't be cuter. He keeps us busy, but he has been a great addition to the family. He amazes us everyday on how smart and how quickly he learns. He now goes up and down 14 steps, first he could only go up and then last week he finally started going down on his own. Everyone loves him and tells us how cute he is. He causes a sensation everywhere he goes. Thank you again he has been such a blessing. I couldn't have asked for a better dog!! I'll keep in touch and let you guys know how he is doing.

Hello again!
I've been meaning to write to you for a while now!
Mishka is doing absolutely amazing. He's perfect and a joy to be around. First off, he was the easiest dog I've ever house trained--he was house trained within TWO days of bringing him home! He was going to the door and scratching not even a week after we brought him home, but didn't have an accident after those first two days. He goes everywhere with us and we get compliments on both how beautiful he is and his amazing personality all the time.
At 5 months old we weighed him at 53 lbs, so he's getting to be a pretty big boy, towering over my aunt's 2-year-old German Shepherd.
It's amazing how much he loves children and how gentle he is even at 5 months old. The first time he met our baby nephew (9 months old), he immediately became so sweet and gentle, even after being wound up from playing with their dog. He gently sniffed his face, watched him, then walked away. Later on, Mishka was laying down chewing on a toy and our nephew came over to him and took the toy out of his mouth to play with it. Mishka just layed his head down and watched him play with his toy.
Training Mishka has been an absolute joy. He's so incredibly smart and listens really well. He's already learned sit, stay, come here, lay down, get up, back up, go on, take it, hold it, drop it, and touch. My favorite is "touch" where you tell him to touch and he will nudge whatever you have in front of him with his nose, or if you have the touch stick, he will touch the tip of it with his nose wherever it is. He's working on "hold it" for longer periods of time where he has to hold whatever object I give him until I tell him to drop it or take it from him. I am going to begin teaching him to carry the held object in his mouth soon when we are walking, then to take the object to someone else once he gets that down.
We train about 3 times a day, we have him on Wellness Super 5 Large Breed Puppy food. We split his food up so he is fed 4 times a day, first in the morning in his bowl, the rest we feed with training instead of using treats so he gets to "work" for his food and each "treat" is a small handful of food. He loves figuring new tricks out and I love watching it click in his mind.
We have a dog park right down the road from us and he loves playing there. His favorite thing is to go up and greet the little puppies and play with them gently or let them follow him around. He and a super tiny 6-week-old lab/pit became best friends, every time she'd see him, she'd go running up to him and follow him around the park. I know he is still a puppy, but he doesn't play like a puppy with them, he is very gentle and just walks around with them instead of actively play bowing or anything, mostly like acting like a parent to them and showing them how to walk the parameter of the dog park.
Oh! The first time he started actively guarding was on the 4th of July early in the morning. He was 14 weeks old and was laying in bed with us but wouldn't settle down and go to sleep. He kept picking his head up and looking very alert. He kept jumping off the bed and I thought he just didn't want to sleep. I got him back on the bed and noticed I was hearing a very loud scratching sound behind my bedroom wall. I got scared, listening and grabbing my phone in case someone was breaking in. I cracked our bedroom door and he went running towards the laundry room door and kept sniffing and scratching at it.
I was terrified being half-asleep and listened close to the door, I heard a bag rustling. I slowly opened the door and saw Mishka's bag of dog food moving and thanked Mishka for telling me. Apparently, a baby opossum got in through the dryer vent and found a feast inside the dog food bag. We moved the huge 40 lb bag outside and finally the baby came running out and an across the yard.
Now, anytime we go outside, he has to keep an eye on our property and the neighbor's property as well and has such a serious expression on if he thinks something is wrong.
Thank you so much for producing such an amazing dog. We are so happy to have him be apart of our lives.
I've attached some more recent pictures of him, and I have some videos up on YouTube of him as well. : )
-Kay and Chelsey

From Linda Hampton 5/2016:
I have two Yorkies, Brother Noah is 2 and Sister Noe'lle is 1.  They are the light of my life.  My daily blessing of love.  I purchased both yorkies from Susan Ziglar at the Ziglarzoo.  She is good with Yorkies.  Her love does not cease when the puppies go to their new homes.  She is there for them if needed 24/7.  A phone call away.  My Yorkies are my children.  They are proudly spoiled. 
Thank You Susan!

Hello from  Buckhorn Pasture Farm!  


Just wanted to give you an update!  Puppies are near 60 pounds and growing fast.

They are so intelligent, and they have already taken over duties of watching over the herd.


When we turn out in the morning, Dakota will have to physically touch every goat each morning as it comes out of the stall, and she smells it, then gives a couple licks on the goat's side.  The goats just ease on by, as if knowing that Dakota is doing a 'head count' for the morning.


As the day goes by, Lakota enjoys lying against the goats and being all mixed in the pack.

Dakota is more of a walk-around-see-whats-going-on type.  She has always got to be on guard duty.


But they don't bark at first, if they spot something, they just sit upright and stare, and that staring is enough to make you nervous if you're a stranger or other animal that has wandered on our farm!  We have never seen a dog that can stare you down as hard as these two dogs can!


Only once did Dakota bark, and that was when a buck deer decided to inspect the goats a little closer and came to within 3 feet of the fence, and Dakota said, 'Hey, that's a bit too close - BAARRKK!!!!'  just once, and the deer ran off.  Wow, what a deep bark Dakota has already!  Jerry made sure to pat Dakota and she got a special treat for doing her job, then she ate the treat and went right back to the spot, and sat there a long time, making sure the deer was gone.


In the evening, we put the goats in their stalls, and Dakota must stick her nose through the gate and touch noses with the goats, and do her 'evening head count', else she does not want to go to her own stall - which we never let the goats go into, and it is always a good clean safety spot for them, and they have never 'gone bathroom in their stall or in the barn', it's amazing how smart they are!


Dakota is definitely our 'ranch boss'!  She just takes charge.

Lakota is gentle and loves just being in the herd, and wags her tail, puts her paw on your leg and wants to be patted, but she is loyal to staying wherever the goats are.


Thank you so much for these two blessings!  We could not operate here if it were not for these two great pyrenees guardians!


Jerry & Sherri Armstrong

Buckhorn Pasture Farm

"We Walk By Faith"

3389 Slate Mills Road, Sperryville Va. 22740


From: Jerry & Sherri Armstrong:  1/20/2019

We cannot believe that already these two will be a year old on Feb 22!

Today, during the biggest part of the snow weekend, we kept the goats inside the barn, all toasty and dry, so the dogs had a sort of 'day off' and everyone deserves that once in a while!

Jerry played and wrestled in the snow with them, we walked the pastures a couple of times together, stopping to toss snowballs into the air for them to jump at and 'chomp chomp' before they hit the ground.

Afterward, the girls settled down with Jerry on a nice warm and dry straw bed, while Sherri fixed a good supper for them.

Lakota is so loving, as you see in one of the pictures, she always needs to have a paw on us to tell us she loves us.  She always wants to be loved on, and be told that she's a good girl and does a great job tending the flock.

Dakota doesn't leave Jerry's side when he enters the pastures.  She guards him like no other, and walks by his side everywhere he goes.  When we're not in the pastures, you can find her endlessly patrolling the fence perimeters, sniffing, or sitting with a watchful eye, and occasionally looking back at Lakota who is nestled in among the flock.  Lakota never leaves the flock, and the goats always are brushing against her and rubbing noses with her.  She is just so gentle, and we have plans to train her to help 'mid wife' when the first kids will be born to the does.

We can never thank you enough for these two, who have become so much a part of us and our farm.

We wanted to send you some snow pictures of them, you may share any way you like, as you should be very proud of and happy for these two girls you helped bring into this world.  There is no way we could manage and look after the herd without them.

Hope you're all warm and dry during this snow!

Jerry & Sherri Armstrong
Buckhorn Pasture Farm, Sperryville Va.
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Jasmine Sharp


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December 2016

Miss Jasmine Snowflake Sharp
December 2016, 
Owners David and Debbie Sharp wrote:
Jasmine Snowflake at Christmas, she is the sweetest and best girl.  She is our big baby and we love her very much.  She gets along with her Bassett Hound sisters and our Kitty's too.  We couldn't be more happy with our Jazzy..

Lakota and Dakota Armstrong.

We are just so amazed with these two puppies! (we named Dakota and Lakota - 'loyal companion' and 'faithful friend' in Native American language).

We wanted to share these pictures, tell you how the goats and puppies are bonding, and how the puppies are, by instinct, staying near the goats, mostly watchful and curious.

Dakota likes to be right in with the herd, lying close to them.  Lakota enjoys watching from about 50 feet away.  I actually like this, because one seems to be scouting the area from afar, while the other is mingled in with the goats.

When they play, they play rough only among the 2 of them, but with the goats, they just rub against each other and rub noses.  I keep my eye on them all day, but they are so well-behaved I can to other tasks around the farm and just check on them periodically.  They are amazingly calm with the goats.

Just wanted to thank you again, you have an amazing talent for breed selecting and your love for the dogs really shows!

We will send more pictures and have already spread the word to local farmers who want to come and see the dogs walking among the livestock.

The Armstrong's

Buckhorn Pasture Farm


Lakota and Dakota Armstrong

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